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I guess the reasoning behind me not updating this blog enough is because I’ve been working hard on buffing up my animation project from last semester so that I can send it out as my demo reel. The only problem is that I’m not satisfied with a lot of the tweening I did last semester [...]

I think I’ve finally settled on the site layout. It’s not exactly too fancy but it’s not the worst either. I think it’s a bit better than the one that was up before it. Maybe I’ll keep changing or adding to it as I learn a little bit more about PHP and mySQL from my [...]

One thing I started noticing when I came back to school is how statically charged I am all the time. I didn’t realize it completely until I started installing programs on the intel macs side of the lab, where all the keyboards are made of metal. So every time I went to type something, I’d [...]

I’ve been meaning to start a new blog specifically for my arts and crafts for a long time, mostly as a way to show it to the public without all the mundane details of my personal blog. Trust me, there’s not much you’re missing except for the occasional shenanigans of college life. Anyway, for a [...]