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After a half year of slaving away on my senior thesis and a decently long break of unemployment and graduating, I decided to give the site another new look. Most of it was fueled by the fact that I wanted to move some of the right-column content to the left of the picture for better [...]

Peter Callesen creates sculptural works out of a single piece of paper. Much of this impressed me through it’s sheer craftsmanship and use of positive and negative space. However, I feel that the pieces where the sculpture relates to the shape of the cut out are more successful. Which reminds me that I have still [...]

I thought that the website needed a design upgrade for a while, but I was saving up for this winter break to do it. But as I was working on the new design, I realized it needed some software upgrades for wordpress and comicpress. I have to say, I like the flexibility of the new [...]

First of all, I want to apologize if this offends anyone, but this is more for my sake than any other. A lot of these thoughts have been occurring over the semester, but did not hit me full blast until two nights ago. I feel that I need to write this down to clarify to [...]

Here’s a bunch of links I stumbled upon through twitter and various other web browsing that seemed cool and artsy. Some of it even shows my not so secret love of crafts. Floating Logos-makes signs more epic and towering than they already were. The Owl- A technically simple looking animation achieving maximum effectiveness. How To [...]

After a long discussion with my professor, Phil Sanders, on animation, he ended up lending me a VHS copy of Tron. I was excited to watch it, but unfortunately didn’t have a VHS player on campus. The irony of living in a world of fast technological turnover rates! Anyway, I finally had the chance to [...]

In continuing research of what makes a good animation, I decided to buckle down and watch some old cartoons. So I went on a quest to the college library and rented out a DVD containing mickey mouse shorts from 1928 to around the 1940′s. The first thing I noticed was how uncensored it was in [...]

Earlier in my art career, one of my mentors commented several times that my work was “simple yet effective”. Since then, I’ve been playing with the idea of taking something complex and breaking it down to the basics. This is not necessarily only in art style but also in terms of concepts of what is [...]

Time to blow off the dust on this site. I’ve been busy with the loads of work from the end of the school year and doing my summer tech job at the school. It’s been a relaxing summer in all the parts when I’m not at work, but I’ve been working a lot on my [...]

This past weekend, I went to the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) conference with several of my friends in the Asian American Association at TCNJ. I learned a lot, not only about Asian issues in the media, but also how I should think about the characters I create. Lately, I’ve felt that they’ve [...]