Peter Callesen creates sculptural works out of a single piece of paper. Much of this impressed me through it’s sheer craftsmanship and use of positive and negative space. However, I feel that the pieces where the sculpture relates to the shape of the cut out are more successful.

Which reminds me that I have still yet to write about the “Higashi no Eden” (Eden of the East) ending sequence. This one stands out from most anime endings because it’s an animation using nothing but paper cut outs. I absolutely love the parts where the pencils cut through the paper and the effects of crumpled paper acting like large dust clouds. Plus it helps that the music is pretty decent.

And last one is the recent UPS campaign to use cardboard animations in their commercials. I like it because it’s clever in it’s use of materials and dialog that matches the visuals. But, a part of me wonders if it’s actually cardboard cut outs or 3D animation made to look like cardboard.

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  1. replacement sparrow

    o_O The details in the sculptures at that first link are staggering!

    Yay, Eden of the East. o/”

    An’ the UPS commercials almost /have/ to be CGI, simply from their scale and complexity. Though it is still a neat effect.

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