Here’s a bunch of links I stumbled upon through twitter and various other web browsing that seemed cool and artsy. Some of it even shows my not so secret love of crafts.

Floating Logos-makes signs more epic and towering than they already were.
The Owl- A technically simple looking animation achieving maximum effectiveness.
How To Create A Fiber Optic Starfield Ceiling- Something I’d like to try with my geeky brother someday.
Sticker Collage Mural- Also something I’d like to try just for kicks! It goes along with the vinyl decoration I’ve been wishing I had time to do in my dorm room!
How to Make A Radish Mario Mushroom- Something cute and food related.
Sand Animation- It spread like wildfire over the internet, but overall pretty spiff.
POSER! The history and evolution of the peace sign- Wong Fu Productions always do some smart comedic commentary on asian issues and stereotypes.

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