After a long discussion with my professor, Phil Sanders, on animation, he ended up lending me a VHS copy of Tron. I was excited to watch it, but unfortunately didn’t have a VHS player on campus. The irony of living in a world of fast technological turnover rates! Anyway, I finally had the chance to watch it at home with silly parental commentaries on the side.

A lot of the film must of been green screened in order to achieve the effects of having humans trapped in a computer. It did look strange because everything had a blue tint over it. The graphics must of been outstanding when it came out, but by today’s standards, are quite primitive. But I liked how they made such a simple game into something quite dramatic with the use of camera angles and sound. If anything, this movie obviously catered to my one weakness in color: orange and blues!

Anyway! I must return this wonderful VHS to my professor and get back to animating! I didn’t get to watch as much as I thought I would due to being dragged away from my work due to life circumstances!

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