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First of all, I want to apologize if this offends anyone, but this is more for my sake than any other. A lot of these thoughts have been occurring over the semester, but did not hit me full blast until two nights ago. I feel that I need to write this down to clarify to [...]

Philly Game Jam 2009

Here’s a bunch of links I stumbled upon through twitter and various other web browsing that seemed cool and artsy. Some of it even shows my not so secret love of crafts. Floating Logos-makes signs more epic and towering than they already were. The Owl- A technically simple looking animation achieving maximum effectiveness. How To [...]

After a long discussion with my professor, Phil Sanders, on animation, he ended up lending me a VHS copy of Tron. I was excited to watch it, but unfortunately didn’t have a VHS player on campus. The irony of living in a world of fast technological turnover rates! Anyway, I finally had the chance to [...]

In continuing research of what makes a good animation, I decided to buckle down and watch some old cartoons. So I went on a quest to the college library and rented out a DVD containing mickey mouse shorts from 1928 to around the 1940′s. The first thing I noticed was how uncensored it was in [...]

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