Earlier in my art career, one of my mentors commented several times that my work was “simple yet effective”. Since then, I’ve been playing with the idea of taking something complex and breaking it down to the basics. This is not necessarily only in art style but also in terms of concepts of what is the basis of a good story and how it keeps the audience engaged.

Currently, my medium of choice is making short comics and both two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation. Sometimes I make the occasional illustration through Photoshop or Illustrator and often draw in my sketchbook as much as I can. I love to make fun of the mundanity of life and come up with terrible puns as my source of inspiration.

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  1. Andrew Lubas

    I like that you’ve avoided making this statement super generic. It’s interesting while still being effective. By the time I’ve finished reading, I know something about your history, what you like to create and why you create it. Those are three important aspects of your artistic persona so you basically have your bases covered.

    I think where the writing could use some improvement is the structure. Your first sentence doesn’t entirely hook the reader and starts with a comparison that feels a bit awkward. A simple change like “when asked to describe my work, a mentor called it “simple yet effective” or “a key aspect of my work as identified by one of my mentors is its ability to be simple and effective simultaneously.” Or you could go with something else entirely. Your call.

    I also think that your preferred media/method could precede mention of “a good story” and audience parts. Without knowing that you make comics and illustrations, it leaves me wondering about your interest in storytelling.

    Finally, I’d elaborate on inspiration and goals. Your last sentence is one of the most interesting to me and I’d like to see more like that.

    Although I made a decent amount of comments, it is looking good. Just needs some reworking and you’ll be set. Good luck.

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