Time to blow off the dust on this site. I’ve been busy with the loads of work from the end of the school year and doing my summer tech job at the school. It’s been a relaxing summer in all the parts when I’m not at work, but I’ve been working a lot on my creative process.

For a while, I’ve been thinking about a good method on creating comics and animations so that I can work on making them more efficiently. A lot of it is trial and error and learning from past experiences as I’ve joined a lot of tournaments and competitions on DeviantArt in order to gain practice. Also, I’ve been watching old cartoons that I loved as a kid and recent animated movies and trying to figure out what made me like them.

What it mostly came down to was if it had a good story to tell and characters that a lot of people could relate to. Therefore, I needed to have a solid plan, writing wise, before I even start trying to draw out the scenes and pages. So I’ve spent days on a script that would go into a comic and then organizing and splitting it so I knew how many panels were in a page and how exactly to lay it out. Then I laid out the panels and now the drawing process is much simpler because I’m not wasting time redrawing everything when I mess up. The same thing should hopefully work for an animation that I’ll eventually be doing for the next year as a senior at TCNJ.

Aside from random art thoughts, I’m going to be at Otakon this weekend. It’ll be hopefully a lot of fun as it’s my first time going. Hopefully I’ll get to draw sketches for people, othewise I have a giant stack of lineless index cards I don’t know what to do with. Either way, it’s going to be such an interesting experience!

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