This past weekend, I went to the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) conference with several of my friends in the Asian American Association at TCNJ. I learned a lot, not only about Asian issues in the media, but also how I should think about the characters I create.

Lately, I’ve felt that they’ve been a bit two-dimensional and that their stories were not developed enough. I’ve realized they’ve lacked a “want”, something that drives them forward. If the character doesn’t have a drive, then why would the reader want to read about him or her? Thinking about that, I think I might go back and flesh out some of my old characters and figure out what exactly is going on with them.

Anyway, a lot of props to the guys running Secret Identities and the workshop they ran at ECAASU. I got momentarily inspired and had a lot of fun coming up with Asian American super heroes with people I didn’t know in the workshop.

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